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COBOL Enhancement Subroutines for System/36

Assembler subroutines designed to provide the System/36 COBOL programmer with additional flexibility

System/36 COBOL Enhancement Subroutines is a series of assembler-written subroutines designed to be linked to System/36 COBOL programs in order to provide the programmer with additional flexibility.



System Interface Subroutines

Library Interface Subroutines

Folder Interface Subroutines

Technical Information

Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements: System/36 COBOL Enhancement Subroutines is designed to operate on any model of the IBM System/36.

Software Requirements: System/36 COBOL Enhancement Subroutines requires the following software to be installed on the system:

Ordering Information

System/36 COBOL Enhancement Subroutines

Basic Machine-Readable Material: To order, specify subroutine names. This program is distributed as object code, on 8-inch Diskette 1 or 2D, or 5 1/4-inch Diskette 2HC. Diskettes are provided by and remain the property of SSPI. When adding subroutines to an existing license, the order must be accompanied by the licensed program diskette.

Documentation: One copy of the Program Description Manual will be supplied with the basic machine-readable material.

Charges: One-time charge:

Number of
Subroutines Licensed  
Charge per
1 $95
2-4 51
5-9 43
10-19 40
20+ 39

Quantities of System/36 COBOL Enhancement Subroutines for all designated machines may be combined to determine the total number of subroutines licensed. Quantities of System/36 RPG II Enhancement Subroutines may also be included in the total.

Licensing: This program is licensed under the terms and conditions of a Program License Agreement. A separate license is required for each designated machine on which the licensed program materials will be used; usage restrictions apply when this product is used in software which will be marketed or otherwise distributed. A copy of the agreement is included with this announcement, and must be completed and returned with first-time orders.

Trial Period: None

This product has been placed in legacy status and is no longer available for order. Support for existing installations is available on a "best effort" basis.

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