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DeskWorks Spreadsheet for the AS/400

Full screen interactive spreadsheet display.

Interactive Spreadsheet Program

DeskWorks® Spreadsheet provides AS/400® users with the ability to use the system for spreadsheet processing, supporting the creation, revision, storage, and printing of spreadsheets.


  • Full screen interactive spreadsheet display

  • Advanced spreadsheet features: variable column widths, titles, multiple windows, sort, cut, paste, search, cell protection, range names, and macros

  • Over 80 functions for use in formulas

  • Built-in "Quick Chart" graphics

  • Interfaces to OfficeVision/400® and Business Graphics Utility

  • User interface similar to OfficeVision/400

  • Ease of operation, with full Help key support

  • Multiple user support

  • Description

    DeskWorks Spreadsheet has the following features:

  • Spreadsheet sizes of up to 999 columns by 9,999 rows.

  • Full screen spreadsheet display. The entire screen is used to display spreadsheet data. Eighteen rows and a variable number of columns (depending on column widths) are shown.

  • Point mode for cell selection. Cells and ranges can be selected by using the spreadsheet cursor movement keys to highlight the desired cells, instead of entering cell addresses.

  • Cell formulas of up to 156 characters long. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, string combination, and logical operations are supported, as well as the ability to reference other cell values within a formula. Formulas can include up to 10 levels of nested expressions (functions with parameters count as 2 levels).

  • Relative and absolute cell references. Cell references in formulas can be relative, absolute, or mixed, so that the user has control over which references are changed when a formula is moved or copied. Names can also be assigned to cells and ranges, for easier readability.

  • Over 80 functions for use in formulas. Mathematical, logical, special, string, date and time, financial, and statistical functions are provided. Some of the special functions allow interactive retrieval of data from other DeskWorks Spreadsheet members, from Lotus worksheet files, and from AS/400 database files and queries.

  • Numeric and string results. Numeric results can be up to 10 digits to the left and 7 digits to the right of the decimal. String results can be up to 74 characters long. String results wider than the column width will flow to adjoining empty cells.

  • 12 cell display formats. Cell results may be shown in 6 numeric formats (numeric, edited numeric, dollar, per cent, date, and time), 3 string formats (left-justified, right-justified, and centered), 2 graphic formats (asterisk and plus/minus), and 1 universal format (non-display).

    The Quick Chart feature allows easy display of 6 types of graphic charts.

  • Built-in graphics. A Quick Chart feature allows the display of line graphs, surface charts, histograms, bar charts, pie charts, and Venn diagrams on a graphics-capable display, printer, or plotter, with a minimum amount of setup. No additional graphics software is required.

  • Flexible database import/export. Formula functions can be used to create a 'dynamic link' to database files, or database files can be imported into the spreadsheet with record selection, sorting, and specifications for up to 100 data fields. Spreadsheet data can also be exported to database files for use by other AS/400 applications.

  • Several consolidation methods. A formula function can be used to create a 'dynamic link' to other DeskWorks Spreadsheet members and Lotus® worksheet files, cut and paste commands can be used to transfer data between spreadsheets, or spreadsheet data can be merged in batch mode.

  • Interfaces to PC software. Comma delimited file support allows data to be exchanged with personal computer software, such as spreadsheet and database programs.

  • Interfaces to office software. Spreadsheet data and graphics can be included into OfficeVision/400 or other word processing software documents. Spreadsheet data can also be exported to Business Graphics Utility (BGU) for advanced graphing capability.

  • Macros. In-spreadsheet macros can be created to perform tasks automatically and to design custom applications for users unfamiliar with spreadsheets.

  • DeskWorks clipboard. The clipboard can be used to copy data to another location on the same spreadsheet, copy data to other spreadsheets, or communicate with user-written programs.

  • Spreadsheet cursor movement. The spreadsheet cursor may be moved one cell, an entire page, or to the upper left cell of the display or spreadsheet.

  • Go to Cell. The spreadsheet cursor may be moved directly to a specified cell and window, either by entering the new cell and window on a display, or by pointing to the cell with the display station cursor.

  • Change Column Width. The width of a specified column may be changed. Columns can be 0-74 characters wide.

  • Delete Column/Row. Entire columns or rows of cells may be deleted.

  • Edit Cell Formula. The display format, number of decimal places to display, and formula for the current cell may be entered or changed.

  • Print Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet cell values or formulas may be printed to a printer or disk file. If a cell value listing is requested which exceeds the form width, the additional columns will be continued on the following pages. Cell formula listings are also adjusted to print in the available area.

  • Range Options. A cell or range of cells may be copied, moved, formatted, erased, protected, unprotected, copied changing the formulas to values, added or subtracted to destination cells, assigned a name, or searched.

  • Insert Column/Row. Entire columns or rows of blank cells may be inserted.

  • Recalculate. The entire spreadsheet may be recalculated. The recalculation is performed in 'natural order', which means that a formula is not calculated until all of the other formulas it depends on have been calculated.

  • Global Options. The Page keys cursor movement option, cursor auto-move direction and scroll option, default cell display format and number of decimal places to display, default column width, cell protection option, auto-execute macro option and location, size of display, display function keys option, and load external spreadsheets option may be specified.

  • Title Options. Columns and rows may be fixed in place so that they remain on the display when the spreadsheet is scrolled, and appear on each page when the spreadsheet is printed.

  • Window Options. The spreadsheet area may be split to view up to 4 different sections of the spreadsheet at the same time.

  • Sort Rows. A range of rows may be sorted by the values contained in one or two columns.

  • Run Options. A spreadsheet macro may be executed, a graphics chart may be displayed using the built-in Quick Chart feature or BGU, or a user-written program may be executed.

  • Cut/Export. Spreadsheet data can be copied to the DeskWorks clipboard, or exported to a database or comma delimited file.

  • Paste/Import. Data can be copied from the DeskWorks clipboard, or imported from a database or comma delimited file to the spreadsheet.

  • Spreadsheet merge. A batch command is provided to merge a master (or template) spreadsheet with data from up to 20 other spreadsheets. The merge spreadsheet cell data can be added, subtracted, or copied to the master spreadsheet cells.

  • File to spreadsheet download. A batch command is provided to create a DeskWorks Spreadsheet member from an AS/400 data file when large amounts of data are to be downloaded. Record selection, sorting, and specifications for up to 100 data fields to be included in the spreadsheet are supported.

  • Conversion to and from Lotus worksheets. Batch commands are provided to convert between Lotus worksheet files and DeskWorks Spreadsheet, including conversion of cell values, formulas, range names, and cell formatting.

    User interface similar to OfficeVision/400.

  • User interface similar to OfficeVision/400. A Work with Spreadsheets interface provides functions to manage DeskWorks Spreadsheet members, using commands and displays similar to those used in OfficeVision/400.

  • Ease of operation. DeskWorks Spreadsheet has been designed to be easy to learn and use by the AS/400 display station user, with a minimum of training required. The user may press Help on any display for an explanation of the various functions and options available.

  • Library storage. DeskWorks Spreadsheet members are stored as compressed file members in AS/400 libraries, enabling the use of AS/400 utilities for off-line storage of members, and the use of AS/400 resource security for security considerations.

  • Multiple user support. DeskWorks Spreadsheet may be used by any number of users concurrently.

  • Technical Information

    Specified Operating Environment

    Hardware Requirements: DeskWorks Spreadsheet requires the following minimum AS/400 configuration:

  • AS/400 (any model)
  • One display station
  • One printer
  • 3.5Mb of auxiliary storage
  • Software Requirements: DeskWorks Spreadsheet requires the following software to be installed on the AS/400:

  • Operating System/400, Version 2 Release 2.0 or later
  • Ordering Information

    DeskWorks Spreadsheet

    Basic Machine-Readable Material: To order, specify system type/model and distribution medium:

  • CD-ROM
  • 8mm tape cartridge
  • 1/4-inch tape cartridge
  • 1600 bpi open reel tape
  • This program is distributed as object code only. Media are provided by and remain the property of SSPI.

    Documentation: One copy of the DeskWorks Guide and 1 keyboard template will be supplied with the basic machine-readable material.

    Charges: One-time charge: $695

    Multiple system discounts are available.

    One free year of maintenance service is included with the license fee.

    Annual maintenance fee: $105

    Additional documentation copies (includes 1 keyboard template): $25

    Keyboard templates (10-pack): $15

    Licensing: This program is licensed under the terms and conditions of a Program License Agreement. A separate license is required for each designated machine on which the licensed program materials will be used. A copy of the agreement is included in the program package.

    Trial Period: 30 days

    Order Form: To order, download this Order Form and return the completed form to:
    Fax to:
    (703) 642-8767
    Mail to:
    System Support Products, Inc.
    7620 Arlen Street
    Annandale, VA 22003

    DeskWorks is a registered trademark of System Support Products, Inc. AS/400 and OfficeVision/400 are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.

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