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Key Holder for Macintosh

Quick and easy access to your online account login information!

Key Holder is a password account database application. For each account, the account name, user, password, Internet URL, and a memo field for miscellaneous notes can be kept. A menu command allows you to go directly to the account URL by automatically launching your web browser, e-mail, or other Internet application.

Key Holder gives you quick and easy access to your online account login information
Key Holder supports multiple account files. Account files are encrypted and can be individually password protected, allowing one or more users to maintain private and secure account lists. A find command is available for searching, and account files can be printed for offline storage.

Key Holder can also be used to keep a list of software registration codes, by entering the registered name into the user field and the registration code into the password field.

System Requirements

Key Holder requires an Apple Macintosh or compatible with a PowerPC, 68020 or greater processor, using Mac OS 7.5 or later.

A beta version of Key Holder for Mac OS X is also available.


Download Key Holder

In order to use the download file you will need Stuffit Expander from Aladdin Systems.


Please register!

The unregistered version of Key Holder will operate for 30 days, and will show the Registration dialog box each time you start the application.

Key Holder can be registered for US$12 through Kagi Shareware. Kagi accepts credit cards, cash, or checks. You can use the included Register program by clicking the Register button in the Registration dialog box, or you can register online using Kagi's web site at:

IMPORTANT: Please include the User Name shown in the Registration dialog box with your order.

After you register, you will receive a registration code by e-mail.

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