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REMDOC for the System/36

Procedure flowcharts by menu or first-level procedure. Computer-generated documentation for System/36 RPG and COBOL systems

REMDOC® provides System/36 users with the ability to create computer-generated documentation for RPG and COBOL systems.



Technical Information

Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements: REMDOC requires the following minimum System/36 configuration:

Software Requirements: REMDOC requires the following software to be installed on the System/36:

Ordering Information


Basic Machine-Readable Material: To order, specify system type/model and distribution medium:

This program is distributed as object code only. Diskettes and tapes are provided by and remain the property of SSPI.

Documentation: One copy of the REMDOC User’s Guide and Reference Manual will be supplied with the basic machine-readable material.

Charges: Onetime charge: $1250

Annual maintenance fee: $150

License fee includes first year’s maintenance.

Licensing: This program is licensed under the terms and conditions of a Program License Agreement. A separate license is required for each designated machine on which the licensed program materials will be used. A copy of the agreement is included in the program package.

Trial Period: 30 days

This product has been placed in legacy status and is no longer available for order. Support for existing installations is available on a "best effort" basis.

REMDOC is a registered trademark of System Support Products, Inc.

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