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Save Output Queue for the iSeries (AS/400)

Save Output Queue Illustration A Complete Spool File Management System for the iSeries (AS/400)

SOQ has been installed by over 3,000 customers. With that kind of experience there can be no doubt - SOQ is the spool file management system for you!

SOQ Functions

Save Output Queue is a complete spool file management system SOQ functions are enhanced by the ability to:

SOQ Features

Ordering Information

Save Output Queue

Basic Machine-Readable Material: To order, specify system type/model. Program is supplied on CD-ROM.

Charges: One-time charge: $895

Multiple system discounts are available.

One free year of maintenance service is included with the license fee.

Annual maintenance fee: $375

Licensing: This program is licensed under the terms and conditions of a Program License Agreement. A separate license is required for each designated machine on which the licensed program materials will be used. A copy of the agreement is included in the program package.

Trial Period: 30 days

Order Form: To order, download this Order Form and return the completed form to:
Fax to:
(703) 642-8767
Mail to:
System Support Products, Inc.
7620 Arlen Street
Annandale, VA 22003

SSPI is an authorized distributor of Save Output Queue, a product of WorksRight Software, Inc.

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